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When working on node projects I often find myself wanting to process a lot of records asynchronously and in batches. For example, if I was working on a script that crawled webpages and scraped data, I might collect a list of links on the page and maybe I want to check to see if we have already queued them up to be scanned, then save them to a MongoDB database.

I kept rebuilding the same basic structure for doing this over and over, so eventually I turned it into an NPM package.

With qbp I can create a process that I can easily add items to, pause, resume, and get information on its progress.

I found with a little tweaking I could also have it handle rate limiting as well. So if I only want 100 records processed per minute I can easily specify that.

The NPM page has detailed information and examples for the package. Click the Start button to see a basic demo of this package in action.