Music Theory

  • JavaScript
  • React

I've been writing music since I was a teenager. But I never learned music theory until I discovered music theory YouTube tutorials.

I learned the rules that make up fundamental music structure. For example, a key must have 7 notes. It starts at the root note and goes up exactly 1-2 semitones with each next note in the scale.

Knowing that, you can programmatically build all possible keys and their scales.

I took the rules I found and wrote an engine in JavaScript that builds out keys and chords and creates relationships between them. This allowed me to create a tool to easily navigate information for notes, chords, and keys.

But the best resource is the Key Finder. Whenever I'm playing with a tune and I have a few chords or notes figured out, I can put them in the Key Finder and get an idea of what other notes and chords would go along.